8-29 Worldwide Baptist Group Sends Funds to Aid Displaced Christians in Iraq
The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) has sent an initial sum of US $20,000 to assist with Christians displaced inside Iraq.
8-29 Heartbroken mom of 3-year-old abducted by ISIS describes her daughter’s capture, pleads for help

The mother of Christina Khader Ebada, the three-year-old girl abducted by ISIS from an Assyrian Christian family as they fled Baghdede described the ordeal of her kidnapping and made a heartfelt plea for help.
8-29 Boko Haram Declares Full Sharia; Beheads Christian Men, Forces Women to Marry in Gwoza, Madagali
Following the declaration that Gwoza, a town in the troubled northeastern state of Borno is as an Islamic Caliphate and the recent takeover of Madagali by the Boko Haram insurgents, Islamic extremists have reportedly beheaded every Christian man...
8-28 1400 children raped and trafficked in British town by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage

A shocking report released by an independent commission in the UK found that at least 1,400 minors in the town of Rotherham – some as young as 11 – were beaten, raped, and trafficked over a 16-year period by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage.
8-27 Student Ministry Kicks Off ‘Operation Esther’ at 9/11 Memorial in New York City

Can prayer stop the ‘ISIS crisis’ genocide and rape of innocent women and children? Overseas Students Mission (OSM) international students think so.
8-27 A Long Process Still Ahead for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

While much of the bustling City of Tacloban is recovering from last year’s Typhoon Yolanda, it’s a different story for the very poor who were barely eking out a living before the typhoon hit.

8-29 Firsthand Account of Son’s Miraculous Healing from Cancer
“Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
8-25 Children of Forgotten Slum Now Have Hope

In a village where the only lifestyle children knew of was laboring for their daily needs, the children never thought of going to school. Two thousand families live here on barren land owned by the government and struggle to make ends meet,...
8-29 Geoff Richards: A Joyful Healed Pilgrim to the World

World missionary, Geoff Richards, who has served in India, Nepal, the Middle East, the UK, and his homeland Australia, has become a healed pilgrim to the world, now that God has healed him from metastatic bone cancer.
8-29 Presidential leadership during my life
I was born in the small coal mining community of Wevaco, WV, up Abbotts Hollow at the head of Cabin Creek. We lived on the side of a mountain until I was seventeen years old. Mom, Dad, my younger sister and brother and I lived in a three room ...
8-29 Artist, Christo, Visits the Albuquerque Museum of Art
Celebrated artist, Christo (born Christo Javacheff in Bulgaria, 1935), recently spoke at the Albuquerque Museum of Art on his newest installment in progress, Over the River and other works.
8-28 When Calls the Heart- ‘Second Chances’
When a movie is adapted from a Janette Oke novel, and produced and directed by Michael Landon Jr., along with his sidekick, Hollywood veteran, Brian Bird, you know it’s going to be good.
8-27 How a modest ‘Summer Harvest’ with Greg Laurie back in 1990 has developed into a massive worldwide outreach

The 2014 SoCal Harvest with Greg Laurie, has now grown to an enormous outreach -- the longest-running evangelistic event in U.S. History – which from Aug. 15 – 17 was attended by 116,000 people at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, with possibly millions ...
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