10-25 Iran hangs Woman accused of Killing Man she says Abused her

Iran has executed a woman despite an international campaign urging a reprieve, according to the BBC.
10-24 Faith Comes By Hearing Releases New Bible App for Roku Streaming TV Player
Faith Comes By Hearing® Audio Bible ministry offers Scripture recordings in over 840 languages, with the goal of providing free access to these recordings through as many methods as possible.
10-24 US Nurse, now free of Ebola, thanks God for her healing

Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who became the first person to contract Ebola on U.S. soil, is now free of the deadly virus and has been discharged from a special facility at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.
10-24 Actor Shia LaBeouf found God during filming of “Fury”

Actor and director Shia LaBeouf’s turbulent background lent a raw edge to his acting roles in Disturbia, Transformers, Lawless, and The Company You Keep ...
10-24 Young Adult Reflection After Summer 2014 Israeli-Gaza Conflict
On October 10, a group of young adults met in order to discuss the events of this past summer’s military action between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas, and how they impacted each community.
10-23 More women and girls abducted in wake of Nigeria’s government and Boko Haram ceasefire ‘agreement’
10-22 Fetish priest was feared in his village, until Jesus changed his heart

In his fetish shrine – filled with inanimate objects of worship – he served as mediator between the living and the dead. Many feared him in the village, until God’s Word brought transformational change.
10-22 Baghdad Pastor Visits Tacoma, Faults US policy and Pleads with Church to Help Iraq’s Christians
A summer of intense and bloody persecution has left Iraq’s diminished Christian community “a million times worse” than it was under ousted dictator Saddam Hussein, said a minister known as the vicar of Baghdad during a visit to Tacoma on Sunday.

10-25 Come Aboard the Freedom of the Seas for Laugh Again’s 2015 Cruise Conference
Back to the Bible Canada invites you to join us during March 22-29 for our second annual Laugh Again ministry cruise featuring special guest Phil Callaway.
10-25 Wayward Man Returns to Faith

Mandin and his family worshiped the village gods—at least, that is what they had resorted to.
10-23 Change things with a positive attitude
Attitude may relate to the posture or position of the body. It could also have to do with how one acts, feels or thinks. Or it could be concerned with one’s disposition, opinion, and mental set. Any good dictionary will also define the word ...
10-23 A Life of Defense: Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

I picked up internationally recognized lawyer and Christian apologist, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, from Albuquerque’s Sunport Airport. After a brief greeting and welcome, I drove him to his hotel for some needed rest. This was my third meeting ...
10-23 The Story of Two Women
I want to tell you about two remarkable women.
10-23 Disability Ministry Made Simple

I grew up attending a United Methodist church. My parents took my brothers and me weekly to church and Sunday school. We prayed at home, celebrated holidays, and church was important. I went to Vacation Bible School and confirmation...
10-22 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Islamic rebels slaughter villagers
Bordering South Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda, the heavily forested, mineral-rich, north-east region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has long been wracked with insecurity. Numerous armed groups including the Lord's Resistance Army, the M23 ...
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