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Rock Gets Religion: The Battle for the Soul of the Devil’s Music
Insightful new book from Mark Joseph By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service LOS ANGELES, CA (ANS – March 18, 2018) -- As many American Christians face an increasingly hostile environment...
Spring Share 2018: You’re not imagining things; everyone is asking for money!
By Bill Bray, Campus and Missions Correspondent for ASSIST News Service CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (ANS, March 17, 2018) – No, it’s not just your imagination. It is “Spring Share 2018” in the world of...
A Complete Christian Media Fundraising Event: Visitors Find Forgiveness in Christ
By Ralph Kurtenbach, Special to ASSIST News Service QUITO, ECUADOR (ANS – March 16, 2018) -- As radio sharathons go, Radio HCJB’s Mision Compartida (Sharing the Mission) stands apart from other...
Heaven (1) is available on Souq.com, the Amazon of the Middle East
Urim Books News Release – For Immediate Release UAE (ANS – March 16, 2018) -- Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee’s English edition of Heaven (1) is available on Souq.com, which is an English-Arabic language...
The Secret Picture
By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service LONDON, UK (ANS – March 14, 2018) -- It was a rather extraordinary situation for me when, back in 1978, I had just completed Rick Wakeman, the Caped...

Dan Wooding introduces the ASSIST News Service:

ANS Features

  • Paul, Apostle of Christ movie: From vengeance to love
    Paul, Apostle of Christ movie: From vengeance to love By Rusty Wright, Special to ASSIST News Service (ANS Movie Review)  MOUNT HERMON, CA (ANS – March 16, 2018) – OK, Batman. Riddle me this: Who attacked his opponents with a vengeance, then switched sides, lost his head, but came out a winner?  Was it Nick Saban, who led LSU football to a national championship, but since has coached rival Alabama to numerous titles? Or maybe Babe Ruth, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox who achieved baseball immortality after being sold to the Beantown-despised New York Yankees? Ronald Reagan, staunch Democrat turned Republican? Ditto Donald Trump?  These all have elements of dramatic change followed by significant victory.   But none lost his (literal) head.  Gripping encounter  Easter is a good time to remember this guy. After…
  • Counter-cultural Love Seeks Out the Rejected
    Counter-cultural Love Seeks Out the Rejected Gospel for Asia (www.gfa.org) News Release – For Immediate Release  WILLS POINT, TX (ANS – March 16, 2018) -- Rushil, 55, sat at the marketplace, hoping his begging would earn enough to take care of his and his wife’s needs. He’d stretch out his arms to passersby, showing them his hands and fingers that had been eaten away by leprosy. All that remained were the parts nearest to his palms. People hurried past him. Some, out of pity and maybe a sense of religious duty, put a few coins in his hands. Then Rushil heard his name. Four women clothed in white saris walked toward him, their faces beaming to see him. One, named Prashanthi, led the way. Something inside his heart leapt. These women…
  • Typewriters: The Revival of Analogue
    Typewriters: The Revival of Analogue By Brian Nixon, Special to ASSIST News Service ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (ANS -- March 14, 2018) -- My generation (Generation X: 1964-1984) may have been the last to learn to type on a manual typewriter. I remember sitting in typing class at Grant Middle School in Albuquerque, New Mexico punching away on the keys, learning the QWERTY fingerboard and trying hard to get as fast as I could. I was in awe when fellow students were able to get 60 words in a minute. Stunned. If only I could reach that benchmark, I thought! If my memory serves me correctly, I only reached 45 words per minute. Oh, well. Sadly, I don’t remember the brand of typewriter I learned to type on. It was big and…
  • Ending Violence Against Women
    Ending Violence Against Women Using Education and Income Generation to Overcome Discrimination Gospel for Asia (www.gfa.org) News Release written by Michelle Jimenez, GFA Staff Writer – For Immediate Release WILLS POINT, TX (ANS – March 13, 2018) -- Geeta, a mother of two, lived in the slums and struggled to put food on the table every day with the meager 20 rupees her husband gave her. That amount equaled less than 50 cents at the time. In the evening, Geeta’s husband would come home drunk, having spent most of his earnings on alcohol. When she did not meet his expectations for dinner, he’d bring out whatever stick, rod or bat he could find and beat her in his drunken anger. What Geeta endured at the hands of her husband…
  • Orality Missiology: Being “On Mission with God”
    Orality Missiology: Being “On Mission with God” By Jerry Wiles, North America Regional Director of International Orality Network and President Emeritus of Living Water International, Special to ASSIST News Service HOUSTON, TX (ANS – March 13, 2018) -- Avery Willis and Henry Blackaby popularized the phrase “On Mission with God” several years ago through their books and other resource materials by that title. It has been a delight and tremendous blessing to have known and benefited from both of their lives and ministries. Furthermore, I had the opportunity back in the 1970s to spent time with a number of others who were influential in the Jesus Movement, the Asbury Revival and the campus renewals or awakenings during that period. Some of those were Bertha Smith, W. Ian Thomas, C.L. Culpepper, Norman Grubb,…



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