11-26 Asia Bibi’s Final Chance to Escape the Noose

A second and final appeal has been filed on behalf of Pakistani Christian mother, Asia Bibi, with the Supreme Court of Pakistani, Lahore Bench, against her death sentence for alleged blasphemy.
11-25 Colombian Activists Raise Religious Freedom Concerns With US Policymakers
Two Colombian activists met with US policy makers last week to raise concerns about freedom of religion or belief in Colombia, and presented a report outlining five categories of religious freedom violations.
11-25 Turkey Plans New Global Islamic University

In an aggressive move to position itself as the intellectual center of the Muslim world, Turkey has announced plans to open an Islamic university similar to Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the oldest and most respected center of Islamic learning.
11-25 Jerusalem Focus On Christian General Who Stopped The War!

The World War I British officer who gave the order to lay down arms in 1918 is the subject of a year-long exhibition in Jerusalem opening this week.
11-25 Lawyer for Three Iranian Christians Denied Access Prior to Second Trial
11-23 Hearing God’s call for the children of Les Cayes, Haiti

In 1984, Jean Alix Lusma had his eyes opened to the need of many forgotten children on the streets of Les Cayes, Haiti, known locally known as Aux Cayes (on the Cayes) which sits upon the southern shoreline of Haiti with a population of 45,904 ...
11-23 Pakistani Christian on Death Row Thanks Paris for Support

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, who is facing execution for alleged blasphemy, has sent a message of heartfelt thanks to the mayor of Paris for the city’s support in her case.
11-23 Asia Bibi’s husband asks Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain for pardon

The husband of a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy four years ago has written to the president to ask for her to be pardoned and allowed to move to France.

11-26 Oklahoma columnist/author, and ANS writer, releases new book just in time for Christmas

In a media-saturated world focused on having more, it’s sometimes difficult for adults to teach children about the value of money, especially at Christmas time. Commercials for new toys, video games and other merchandise can distract us from the...
11-26 Eyes Open to the Lord

Daha couldn’t work. Blind since birth, he was used to certain restrictions, but he tried to make the most of his life. He had taught himself how to play multiple instruments and how to sing, and through his talent, he earned enough to provide ...
11-25 Feel Like Going Home
A few years ago I moved from San Diego to Michigan (people in Michigan STILL ask me why. Not only why I moved from a place like San Diego... but why to Michigan?) (Long story, not for here.) But one thing I missed in San Diego, after having lived...
11-25 UPtv presents Paper Angels and other inspiring season’s movies

With holidays and Christmas now in full swing, who doesn’t love a feel-good, cozy movie with an inspiring message? Thanks to UPtv there are plenty of those in store. Original movie, Paper Angels, ...
11-23 A Matter of Faith

But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives He will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; and here there is no conflict ...
11-21 What Happened To Christ In Christmas?

Have you noticed the Christmas ads on TV, in the newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, and all the decorations in the stores? Did you notice them earlier than ever -- in October?
11-21 Thanksgiving is an important part of life
When I was in elementary and high school, Thanksgiving was one of the most exciting times of the school year. It was dramatic in every way. Little boys and girls as well as middle school and high school students enjoyed their reenactment of ...
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